UFW Solidarity Action Friday, Jan. 27

2PM March from Westlake Park (401 Pine St) to Darigold Headquarters (1130 Rainier Ave S)
3PM Rally @ Darigold Headquarters
Transportation will be provided for those who need it.
Dairy workers at the Ruby Ridge dairy, which provides milk for the Darigold company are going through hell and need your help. Workers have repeatedly tried to appeal to Darigold about the reported abuses workers who labor to produce their product face, but Darigold remains silent. Workers say that more than a third of them have been fired after they attempted for form a union. According to workers, the dairy owner, supported by multi-million dollar loan from a major lender, carries a rifle in his truck and has threatened workers. According to former employee Miguel Cuevas, the owner told Cuevas, “This rifle is for those people with the union.” 

** There will be a breakfast @ 11AM, Friday January 27th to welcome Ruby Ridge farmworkers to Seattle. Location TBA.

PRESS RELEASE (both in English & Español)  

Contact: UFWsolidarity@gmail.com // (206) 745-0164


En Enero 27, 2012 Decolonize/Occupy Seattle demostrara su continua solidaridad con los trabajadores del mundo al unirse con la Unión de Campesinos (UFW) en su larga campaña por justicia para los trabajadores en la lechería Ruby Ridge, la cual abastece a la corpo

ración Darigold con sus productos lácteos.

Los trabajadores en Ruby Ridge trabajan largas horas sin descansos, cuando piden agua se les dice que tomen del agua que toman las vacas, y son amenazados con escopetas cuando intentan organizarse; muchas han sido víctimas del robo de dinero. Los campesinos no están incluidos en el Acta de Relaciones Laborales Nacional y ya una tercera parte de los organizadores han sido despedidos por tratar de formar una unión.

Hacemos el llamado a todas las personas para que se unan a la Unión de Campesinos y Decolonize/Occupy Seattle para exigir justicia para los campesinos. Nos reuniremos en Westlake a las 2pm y marcharemos a las oficinas executivas de Darigold en el 1130 Rainier Ave. South. Habrá un rally a las 3pm para hacer el llamado a Darigold para que tome acciones inmediatas para resolver los asuntos que enfrentan los trabajadores de Ruby Ridge. Habrá transportación para aquellos que la necesiten.

La lucha de los trabajadores es la misma lucha en contra de codicia que a llevado al movimiento Occupy. ¡Los campesinos son parte del 99%! UNASE A MILES para exigir que Darigold use su influencia sobre sus lecherías para frenar los abusos. ¡Déjeles saber que no pueden ignorar a los campesinos!


Patuloy na nagbubulagbulagan ang Darigold sa mga abuso na isinumbong ng mga manggagawang naghihirap sa pangongolekta ng gatas. Ang mga magsasaka at ang mga tigasuporta ng UFW ay sinalubong ng mga gwardya noong sila’y nagpunta sa himpilan ng Darigold upang makipagusap ng makahanap ng lunas sa mga abuso. Ang laban ng mga magsasaka ay hindi iba sa laban sa kaswapangan ng mga korporasyon na siyang nagbunga ng kilusang Occupy. Ang mga magsasaka’y kabilang sa 99%! SUMALI SA LIBO LIBO na magdedemanda na gamitin ng Darigold ang kanilang impluwensiya sa kanilang mga pagawaan ng gatas na itigil ang kanilang pang-abuso. Sabihin sa kanila na hindi nila maaaring hindi pansinin ang mga magsasaka.


Decolonize/Occupy Seattle is demonstrating our continued solidarity with laborers world-wide. Join us as we support the United Farm Workers (UFW) in their long standing campaign for justice for the workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy, whose labor supplies the Darigold corporation with its dairy products.

Farm workers at Ruby Ridge work long days without breaks. When they ask for water they are told to drink from where the cows drink. They are threatened with guns when attempting to organize, and many have experienced wage theft. Farm workers are not included in the National Labor Relations Act and already one third of the organizers have been fired for trying to form a union.

Despite actions from the UFW, Darigold continues to turn a blind eye to the abuses being suffered by the workers who labor to produce their milk and their profits. Therefore, we call on all people to join with the UFW and Decolonize/Occupy Seattle to demand justice. We will meet at Westlake at 2pm and march to rally at the Darigold Headquarters at 3 pm.

The farm worker’s fight is the same fight against corporate greed that has led to the occupy movement. Farmworkers are part of the 99%!
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