Take Action on the Farm Bill and the closed-door process

From the NW Farm Bill Action Group:
Urgent Action Needed on the Farm Bill!

The food and farm bill is moving at such a rapid pace presently, so take action before it’s too late. If the Agriculture Committee fulfills their goal of completing detailed food and farm bill legislation in the next week, you only have a few days left to make your voice heard.

Speak out and oppose any farm bill deal that makes big cuts to conservation and nutrition programs, fails to restore funding for local food and beginning farmer programs, or keeps subsidizing commodity production without strict per farm limits.

WA contacts listed below
Sen. Patty Murray (especially important — she’s co-chair of the super-committee which is holding the purse strings).
Phone:(202) 224-2621 Email

Sen. Maria Cantwell
Phone:(202) 224-3441 Email

Rep. Jay Inslee
District: WA01 Phone:(202) 225-6311 Email

Rep. Jim McDermott
District: WA07 Phone:(202) 225-3106 Email


You can also take action with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition!

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