CAGJ’s 7th Teach Out! Join CAGJ in visiting FEEST’s Community Potluck!!

CAGJ members and supporters will join other great people for food and community-building at FEEST’s November Community Potluck:
Wednesday, November 25th
3:30pm join us for cooking in the kitchen
5:30pm The potluck begins
7:00pm Clean up of space
*please plan to stay and clean up. Its an important part of our community agreements.

At the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle.

FEEST is the Food Education Empowerment and Sustainability Team. It is a youth-run program out of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center . FEEST  youth participants gather every Wednesday at 3:30 PM to kick it in the kitchen, prepare a delicious and healthy  meal, and then eat all together family-style while learning more about food in our communities. At the end of every month, FEEST throws Community Potlucks where people of all ages are invited to share and dialogue with us. FEEST’s blog entries are written by FEEST leaders and feature photography by the wonderful youth and staff.  For more information about FEEST, please visit:

November’s potluck is a Heritage Potluck, so bring a dish that is meaningful to you, using local and organic ingredients if at all possible!

Space is limited and RSVP REQUIRED! RSVP to Teresa at [email protected]

CAGJ’s FOOD JUSTICE PROJECT invites our members and others to learn about and build connections with key players in the local food region through monthly visits to farms, community kitchens, and community gardens. Through these visits, CAGJ hopes to facilitate a place for the voices of our local food producers to be heard and their knowledge and skills to be recognized and celebrated.! Expect hands-on work, time for reflection, and calls to action! Carpool or bike (tour guided by CAGJ member).

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