ACTION ALERT: Launch Campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America‏!

From: El Comité Pro-Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social
[Please forward to your family, friends and allies!]

Dear Friend:   We have some big news.   This week, hundreds of allied organizations launched the campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America in cities all throughout the country-from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Miami to Seattle.  Yesterday, a broad coalition of allies from labor, business, and community groups officially kicked off the national campaign in Washington, DC.  El Comité Pro-Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social is a part of this exciting grassroots movement to reform immigration, and we invite you to join us. Thursday, more than 700 advocates are descending on Capitol Hill to tell Congress:

“We cannot wait any longer.  America needs to reform immigration now.”

We cannot afford to fly you out to DC to join them in person, but we can give you an easy way to make your voice heard. Please take 30 seconds to send a free fax to your senators, representative, and congressional leadership right now:

Then please forward this to friends and family.  Our goal is to stand with those 700 advocates on the Hill by generating 2,500 phone calls and 20,000 faxes.   Here’s our thinking:  President Obama has said reforming the immigration system is a priority for him, but it’s going to take more than just having the President on our side to win.  We need 279 votes to pass comprehensive immigration reform:  218 U.S. Representatives + 60 Senators + the President.  Throughout the coming months, we’re going to be asking you to help us flood Congress and the White House with faxes, calls, emails, and visits to say (each in our own way): “Our economy and thousands of families are suffering under the burden of a broken system.  The time has come for just and humane immigration reform.  We cannot wait any longer.”   Together, we can make this happen.   Sincerely, El Comité Pro-Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social




1.  This is our first opportunity to show a united front. Dozens of organizations will be sending out similar messages on that day, saying, “This is big and we’re part of it.”

2.  This is our first opportunity to build a campaign email list. One of the purposes of forming this coalition is to build a list to rival that of the anti-immigration movement. The rubber hits the road on that effort June 3.

3.  It is critical that House leadership feel the strength of public support for immigration reform now, before they meet with President Obama on June 8. The combination of in-person visits from almost 700 organizers, plus 2500+ phone calls (generated by a combo of paid patch-through calls and a mobile network alert), plus faxes generated by this action is designed to be an almost overwhelming show of support.

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  1. I am hoping every day that Mr Obama does what he promised he would do and changes immigration policy in this country. My poor husband has been trying to come to this country to work for the business we started, but because he has a family with a criminal history he is not being allowed in. he has committed no crimes, but is made to suffer because of the sins of his family. Mr. Obama, please right this injustice!

  2. Here we are almost 6 months later, and still nothing. Not a single tangible thing has been done in regards to immigration policy. While I am helpless to this fact, I can still do something about it. What I will do is withhold my vote for Mr. Obama when he seeks re-election, and scream my heart out at him when he speaks near me so he can hear the disgust in my voice.

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