Gaining Ground on Fight to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

By Ronnie Cummins Reposted with permission from EcoWatch. “The ground we gained in Washington, in the form of votes, is nothing compared with the ground—in the form of soil and farms and fields—we plan to take back from Monsanto in the months and years ahead. Watch out, Monsanto. We have plans. And those plans include taking […]

Reportback: Co-Founder of Biosafety Alliance Speaks in Seattle

Miguel Robles, co-founder of the Biosafety Alliance and Field Organizer for Proposition 37 to label GE Foods in California, visited Seattle in October to support Initiative 522 to label GE (genetically engineered) foods in Washington. On October 12, Mr. Robles spoke on “Traditional Foods of the Americas: Why I-522 & Labeling Genetically Engineered Food Matters!” […]