Educate & oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership – “NAFTA of the Pacific”

Trans Pacific Partnership FTA – TPP FTA Trade negotiators from the United States and eight other countries have been busily negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement.  This currently includes Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Peru and Chile, but is also intended as a “docking agreement” that other Pacific Rim countries would […]

Seattle Times writes ill-conceived Korea FTA editorial, WAFTC and CAGJ respond

The Seattle Times Editorial Board penned a piece promoting the same outdated, irresponsible, and damaging neoliberal trade model that was at the center of protests that shut down the WTO almost ten years ago.  Seattle responded!  See the original editorial, with several responses from CAGJ members and allies, below. Ratify Korea trade pact Seattle Times […]

Tell Washington State Members of Congress To Oppose Panama Trade Agreement

The office of the U.S. Trade Representative has said it wants to move forward this year with the Panama Free Trade Agreement — a trade deal negotiated by the Bush administration that repeats most of the same major problems found in NAFTA and CAFTA.  Bush’s Panama FTA represents business-as-usual on trade, and is not the […]