New AGRA Watch Report: Corporate-Led Climate Adaptation

New AGRA Watch Report:  “Corporate-Led Climate Adaptation: How the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and AGRA are enabling the digital capture of African Food Systems” AGRA Watch has released a new report (15 pages) detailing the intersections between the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and AGRA on digital agriculture in Africa. Featuring extensive research by AGRA Watch intern Emma […]

Webster smiles at the camera in a salmon shirt and baseball cap. Text reads: Meet our activists: Webster Walker

CAGJ Activist Profile: Webster Walker

For August’s Activist Profile, we are highlighting Webster Walker, a long-time supporter and contributor. They have been involved in CAGJ in many ways, most recently as AGRA Watch Co-Chair. What led you to working with CAGJ? Before there was a CAGJ, I co-founded DGWG (Democracy and Globalization Working Group) with original CAGJ ED Jeremy Simer […]

Bill stands in front of a gorgeous river with mountains in the background

CAGJ Activist Profile: Bill Aal

For the month of June, our Activist profile features Bill Aal, one of the founding members of CAGJ who has been with us since the aftermath of the WTO protests. Outside of CAGJ, Bill is figuring out how to convert his suburban, flowery garden into a place that grows food. He also enjoys cooking and […]

Activist Profile: CAGJ Staff Organizer Noël Lum

Featuring Noël Lum! This month we are highlighting a returning contributor to CAGJ, Noël Lum (formerly Hutton)! Noël coordinated our SLEE volunteers in 2019, led 2020 Rise Up! Summer School, and was on staff as a paid organizer from 2020 – 2021. After working with Trade Justice Education Fund for some time, Noël has returned […]

Headshot of a woman smiling and wearing a lavender button-up shirt

CAGJ Activist Profile: Meagan G.

Each month CAGJ is introducing CAGJ staff, activists and interns to our members. Each activist replies to these questions: What led you to working with CAGJ? What does food sovereignty mean to you? Where do you see CAGJ in 5-10 years? Can you tell us one favorite aspect of your work with CAGJ? What is […]

Selfie of a woman with brown hair, rectangle glasses, and a blue tank top.

CAGJ Activist Profile: Sara Lavenhar

For the month of January, we are highlighting the work of Sara Lavenhar. Sara first joined CAGJ as an intern in 2011, volunteered for the SLEE dinner for several years, and coordinated the 2020 SLEE Dinner. She is currently supporting CAGJ operations and organizational development. When not working, Sara focuses on writing and crafting, and […]

CAGJ Activist Profile: Deb Orieta

For the month of December, we are highlighting the wonderful work of Deb Orieta. Deb started out with CAGJ as Rise Up! Summer School Coordinator in the Spring of 2022, and then transitioned to organizing and communications support. They have a degree in Geography and Food Studies, and since graduating have been working with nonprofits […]

CAGJ Activist Profile: Ashley Fent

Ashley Fent, AGRA Watch Research Coordinator Ashley initially volunteered with CAGJ while living in Seattle from 2006 to 2010, and is now a research consultant for AGRA Watch. She holds a BA in Geography from University of Washington, an MA in Anthropology and African Studies from Columbia University, and a PhD in Geography from UCLA. […]