CAGJ condemns FDA approval of GMO salmon; Costco yet to take action

1544295_10154045043907137_2769710318972840021_nOn November 19, 2015 the FDA approved genetically engineered salmon, making it the first genetically altered animal to be cleared for U.S. supermarkets. CAGJ condemns this action by the FDA because extensive independent research demonstrates that it is a threat to the environment through transgenic pollution of our already threatened wild salmon stock, as well as risks to human health.

While over 60 grocery retail chains, including Safeway and Kroger, have committed to not selling GMO salmon, even before the FDA ever approved it, Costco has yet to make a firm commitment that it will not sell or source GMO salmon in spite of overwhelming consumer disapproval.

Meanwhile, Common Dreams reported that environmental groups have brought a lawsuit in Canadian courts to stop GMO salmon.

CAGJ is working with Friends of the Earth to determine next steps in the campaign. Meanwhile please help spread the word!

For more information:

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Center for Food Safety: FDA Approves First Genetically Engineered Animal for Human Consumption Over the Objections of Millions

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