TAKE ACTION to protect farming!

Please see below for action you can take to help protect the future of farming!

A message from Sno-Valley Tilth:
Right now, King County is seeking public input about the future of farming in the county. It is possible that the county will decide to define agriculture so broadly that it could lead to the demise of local farming.
Sno-Valley Tilth, made up of farmers from the Snoqualmie Valley, is asking for your help.
Sno-Valley Tilth has proposed defining agriculture as ‘food for people’. This definition of agriculture would protect farmers against future threats from non-farming interests. These non-farming interests have already had a major impact on the availability of farmland in areas designated as Agricultural Production Districts. Sno-Valley Tilth wants to make sure that the Agricultural Production Districts in King County are used for agricultural production.
What you can do to protect farming:
Participate in the future of farming survey and tell the county that agriculture is ‘food for people’. The survey can be found at: http://www.kingcounty.gov/environment/waterandland/agriculture/commission/future-of-agriculture.aspx

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