July 9th- Costco: No GMO Salmon National Call-in Day of Action

Despite our demands, Costco isn’t listening. GMO salmon is a risk to our environment, especially wild salmon, and to our health. But Costco wants to leave the door open, and still hasn’t made a firm commitment…

Volunteers Needed at the SLEE Dinner!


Volunteer for CAGJ’s SLEE– Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere- Dinner taking place on August 1st!

June 25th- Tell Costco to reject GMO Salmon!


Join us for an Action in Issaquah urging Costco to Reject GMO Salmon

TUES, June 9th- Learn about Volunteer opportunities for CAGJ’s SLEE Dinner!


Volunteer for CAGJ’s SLEE- Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere- Dinner taking place on August 1st!

March Against Monsanto- May 23, 2015

Heather - MAM2015

CAGJ was excited to participate in Seattle’s March Against Monsanto rally at Westlake Park this past Saturday- May 23, 2015- to say NO to the terrible biotech/bigAgra models presented by Monsanto. Heather Day, CAGJ’s ED, spoke…

Special Food Justice Project Meeting: TPP Workshop & Roundtable


TUES May 19, 6:30 – 8:30 PM Central Coop’s Rochdale Room, 1900 E. Madison St. Seattle

Join us on Aug 1 for CAGJ’s annual SLEE Dinner!

Dean Jackson

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April is Membership Month!


Membership Month is when we ask our community to step up and support CAGJ by pledging money or time.

Media Round-up: March 23, 2015 Seattle and London Actions protesting Seed Privatization meeting in London

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Africa-US Summit Report Published

We recently published a full report on the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit which we hosted October 12-14, 2014. The report describes the current and historical context of both US and African agriculture, as participants shared…