Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for A New Normal (3rd Edition)

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Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for a New Normal (3rd edition) features art, stories, and recipes from over 30 contributors. Explore illustrations, personal narratives and poems from Indigenous Alaska, Punjab, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy comic strips, block prints, and instructions for creating a fortune teller. Savor recipes for tea, truffles, soups, salmon, lumpia and more.

These illuminating pieces stitch together food justice narratives that offer insights into the challenges of 2020. The murder of George Floyd galvanized us, while the global Covid pandemic, ongoing climate crises, and intense election season forced us into a new normal of chaos and uncertainty. By centering (re)connection with land, culture, and community, we invite a vibrant vision for working together to build a more just and generative world with food sovereignty for all.

Cover Artist: Morgan Brown


Many thanks to our sponsors: Central Co-op, Marc Auerbach, Ellysia Banks, Sara Lavenhar, Niaz Dorry, Orion Montoya, and Kristel Peterson.

Much gratitude also goes out to the many many more grassroots donors who donated to our community-supported publishing campaign, bought tickets in our #PayOurArtists raffle fundraiser, and otherwise contributed!


This zine would not exist without the contributions of the amazingly talented artists who shared their creations with us! We are so grateful to you all. Meet the contributors.


Accessible design was at the forefront of our ideation and execution for this project. We strived to create a digital zine that reaches a wide and diverse audience. One facet that embodies this mission is the audio recordings we asked contributors to submit with their piece. We requested read-alouds in an effort to create more personable experiences than screen readers for individuals who are visually impaired and engaging with the stories in our zine. Beyond this feature, we included alt-text and image descriptions, opted for clean fonts and layouts, and implemented a high contrast color palette. While we hope this effort towards an accessible design experience is tangible throughout the site, we also recognize room for constant growth in this area and welcome your feedback!

We believe:

Food is life.
And this pandemic year, with all its challenges, is ripe with stories about life-affirming food projects that deserve to be honored.

Documentation is valuable.
Capturing the stories of survival and resilience that have marked this unprecedented year is a reminder of our ability to survive, to persist, and to dream new worlds into being.

Storytelling is a superpower.
Narrative crafting and community building are tools of resistance.

Art is healing.
Creating together to think beyond what exists now fuels us.

Culture is a tool
to live out our liberation.

Food Sovereignty
takes many forms. We feature that diversity to reaffirm that a food sovereign world is not only possible, and necessary if we want to survive, but beautiful too.

About the series: Our Food, Our Right

The Food Justice Project of CAGJ has published three editions of Our Food, Our Right. Each combines hands-on tools for change with community recipes and political awareness to engage YOU in joining in the struggle for food justice! Our Food, Our Right promotes community knowledge sharing, self-sufficiency, accessibility, and food justice through a food sovereignty framework.