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December E-News:
Thank you for supporting grassroots movement building!
CAGJ/AGRA Watch in Mexico this month!
12/6 WFTC Fundraiser
12/17 CAGJ Holiday Party
1/23 Food Justice Project Meeting
Report-back: Post-Election Discussion
Progress for Movements Resisting GMOs
TPP is dead!
Seeking CAGJ Treasurer
Local events


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When you donate to CAGJ, you are supporting grassroots movement building. YOU have made it possible for CAGJ to be as strong as ever in our 15th year - THANK YOU! You may have just received our end of year letter in the mail, but if not, please read about our 2016 Accomplishments. How can you support CAGJ?

CAGJ’s annual Fair Trade for the Holidays Fundraiser

Every year CAGJ offers you the opportunity to purchase gifts with meaning: While helping CAGJ to fundraise, you are also supporting local artists, fishermen and farmers, as well as the small-scale farmers in Africa, who benefit from the Fair Trade movement. Order online, and pick up at CAGJ’s Holiday Party on SAT Dec 17, or at our office!


CAGJ/AGRA Watch participating in UN Conference on Biological Diversity in Mexico! 
In a few days, CAGJ staff and AGRA Watch members will be participating in United Nations meetings on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) taking place in Cancun, Mexico. Thank you to everyone who has made donations to support this effort, as well as the Swift Foundation! The CBD is an important global instrument for protecting biodiversity, promoting conservation and sustainability, and ensuring fair and equitable access to genetic resources and their benefits. The meetings will focus on mainstreaming agricultural and tree biodiversity in sustainable food and production systems. CAGJ wants to ensure that biodiversity and small farmers are protected through the Convention and its supplementary protocols. CAGJ is participating with other environmental and social justice groups to organize side events and affect the process, and stand behind strong implementation of the Convention. We are engaging in this high-level international dialogue and framework setting to support a participatory and democratic process accountable and responsible to the people, environment, and ecosystems in discussion. Follow our trip, and read more on our analysis of the CBD by signing up for our RSS Feed, to receive notices from our blog!  
CAGJ's Presentations in Mexico
CAGJ is proud to host a side event on Friday Dec 9th with partners who share our vision that food sovereignty supports biodiversity. The event, called “Biodiversity Under Threat: The Gates Foundation, Philanthrocapitalism, and the Capture of African Agricultural Biodiversity” will include speakers from AGRA Watch, the African Center for Biodiversity, Kenya Food Rights Alliance, and European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility. Earlier this week, CAGJ organizing director Simone Adler and AGRA Watch member Phil Bereano arrived in Mexico City to participate in a preliminary conference, where Phil will present: 20 Years of Transgenic Crops and 40 Years of "Genetic Engineering". From Dec 3-10, CAGJ director Heather Day and AGRA Watch Intern Johanna Lundahl will arrive and all will participate in the meetings.
TUES Dec 6, 7:30am
What We Want: Washington Fair Trade Coalition Fundraiser
Please join CAGJ at the Washington Fair Trade Coalition fundraiser breakfast! The theme this year will be “What we want" in a new approach to globalization. Hosted by IAM District Lodge 751: 9125 15th Place South, Seattle WA. Get your tickets ($50 Individual /$400 table) – Solidarity tickets available, contact Gillian! Proceeds to benefit the Washington Fair Trade Coalition’s 501(c)(3) Education Fund.
SAT DEC 17, 4-7PM
CAGJ Holiday Party
CAGJ’s Holiday Party is dedicated to thanking our members and volunteers for your time, energy, and support of CAGJ this year! Come celebrate this year’s accomplishments, get to know other volunteers, and find out what CAGJ has planned for 2017! We will provide dinner and refreshments. This is an opportunity to purchase your Fair Trade and local holiday gifts as well (or order online now). Location: Home of the Righi’s, 6002 Fremont Ave N, 98103. RSVPs appreciated. We would love to see you there!
MON JAN 23, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Monthly Food Justice Project Meeting
New volunteer orientation at 6pm! Please RSVP.
FJP’s monthly meetings are held the third Monday of every month, however we will not meet in December AND the 3rd Monday of January is MLK Day, thus we will see you on Jan 23! Meetings are held at CAGJ’s Office in the ID, 606 Maynard Ave. S. Rm 102, Seattle. For more info, email Food Justice Project Co-Chair, Ross.


Report-back: CAGJ's Post-Election Discussion
On November 21st, during our regularly scheduled Food Justice Project meeting, a blend of new and seasoned activists gathered to discuss reactions and feelings to this year’s devastating election outcomes, and to brainstorm ideas about how CAGJ can move forward in our organizing. The twenty people who attended answered four questions, both individually and in groups: How does this election affect you? What inspires you right now? What do we have to protect? What’s at stake in the victories that we’ve won? Attendees discussed feeling upset and angry about the outcome of the election and desiring a concrete vision of what actions we can take to support marginalized populations and create positive change. We found hope and inspiration in those who have already expressed courage regarding the president-elect. People who may not usually consider themselves political are now becoming involved – now is the perfect time to organize. We talked about events that are going on November through January, including women’s marches, self-defense classes, anti-racist campaigns, vigils, boycotts, protests, and more around Seattle.
CAGJ will remain dedicated to our food sovereignty work moving forward. Also, we are motivated to further develop our plans for a leadership development “school” in order to effectively train activists. We also hope to revive our Action-Study Reading Group, which will be accessible to all to create dialogue, and inspire participants to organize for justice. We are looking into an online forum for those interested to discuss thoughts, feelings, and suggestions post-election. In the meantime, check out this link for Resources for Resistance!
Progress for Movement Resisting GMOs
CAGJ has long pushed for labeling of GE foods, including campaigning for Initiative 522, which would have required labeling, and was narrowly defeated in 2013. Two recent developments of interest: 1) The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the main force behind the corporation’s campaign to prevent consumers from knowing what's in their food, has been found to have violated Washington campaign finance and disclosure laws. In a decision on summary judgement against the GMA, the Judge cited internal association memos on how the GMA concealed identities of big corporate donors who put up 11 million dollars to defeat the food labeling initiative. The purpose, wrote one association executive, was to "shield individual companies from public disclosure and possible criticism." On November 28 the GMA was ordered to pay an 18 million fine, a “record-setting penalty”, for violating campaign-finance laws. According to the Seattle Times, “The ruling was a major victory for state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who had sued the D.C.-based trade group three years ago over the alleged violations. His office said it believes the $18 million fine is the largest campaign-finance penalty ever issued in the United States.” 2) In a front page story on October 29, the New York Times revealed that studies show that in fact the very justification used by the corporations for their need to use GMO's - higher yield and pest resistant crops - is actually not at all happening. In Europe, which requires no labeling because the very use of GMO's in food is prohibited have seen GREATER yields and no appreciable difference in the need for pesticides.
With TPP dead, it's time to rethink trade: WA Fair Trade Coalition Statement
Across the political spectrum, the American people sent a clear message in this election year: we’ve mismanaged globalization. Friday’s announcement that the TPP would be tabled indefinitely was a testament to the growing resentment. Decades of “free-trade” have padded the wealth and influence of the 1% across the globe, while leaving communities, workers, and the planet behind. For years, a broad international coalition fought back against this failed model of trade. It was this coalition that defeated the Trans-Pacific Partnership and that will work for fair trade policies that benefit the global community in the months and years to come. TPP’s fatal flaw was its closed process dominated by corporate advisors. Our interests were never taken seriously in the TPP negotiations process, nor in negotiations for the last twenty years of status quo free-trade deals. There is another way. The 75 member organizations of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition insist on a new approach to globalization through open and effective political engagement that balances legitimate public interests with investor interests. We call for a new approach to globalization where: The goal of trade is to improve living standards everywhere – not maximum possible trade; not lower prices; All stakeholders must be involved in any new negotiations process, and public interest must be taken seriously; Policies must prioritize labor rights, human rights, public health, food security, and the environment, in particular taking on the two defining problems of our time: climate change and inequality; National and local strategies are legitimate and necessary. Read the rest of the statement.
Join CAGJ Leadership:  Seeking Treasurer!
CAGJ’s longtime Treasurer is stepping down – thank you Emma for your years of service to CAGJ!  Please help us find the right person for this vital volunteer role in CAGJ! The Treasurer supports our book-keeper to ensure accurate accounting, supports our annual budgeting process, and assists with quarterly and annual taxes. A full job description can be found here, and contact Heather if you are interested!  Thank you!


THU DEC 1, 6 - 8:30 PM
Got Green Winter Fundraiser
Black & Tan Hall, 5608 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, 98118. In these frightening times, Got Green has never been more emboldened to continue our work of building community power for our people and the planet. From winning green pathways for young workers of color to transforming the climate justice narrative in WA state, Got Green enthusiastically invites you to join us in celebrating a year of grassroots victories as we make bold commitments to the struggle ahead of us. Event guests will be the first to hear our inspiring grassroots vision and strategy for the next five years. Ticket cost: $40, available here.
Films: “Consumerism” and “The Story of Stuff” presented by West Seattle Meaningful Movies. High Point Neighborhood House, 6400 Sylvan Way SW Seattle. Consumerism & the Limits to Imagination (42 minutes) - Consumer capitalism dominates our economy, politics, and culture. And it limits critical thinking by keeping us locked in a cycle of consumption. In this movie, media scholar Justin Lewis makes the case that consumer capitalism can no longer deliver on its promise of enhancing quality of life and is both economically and environmentally unsustainable. The Story of Stuff (20 minutes) - We have a problem with Stuff. We use too much, too much of it is toxic, and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be. Together we can build a society based on better not more, sharing not selfishness, community not division. The Story of Stuff is a short animated film about the way we make, use, and throw away all the Stuff in our lives.
SAT DEC 3, 1 - 3 PM
Seattle Women March Against Hate
Volunteer Park Amphitheater, 1400 E Prospect St,Seattle, 98112. We must stand together to show the world that misogyny, misogynoir, racism, xenophobia, transmisogyny, transphobia, and hate of any kind is not welcome in this city. Together we can show the world that women will not be bullied by anyone—not even the next president. Event website here.
SUN DEC 4, 3 - 7 PM
Community Action Fair & Neighborhood Group Kickoff
International District Community Center, 719 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104. It’s more important now than ever before to band together. Come to the Seattle Community Action Fair to learn about what local groups and campaigns are working on and how you can help. Come for a discussion on the structure, goal/ vision of Neighborhood Action Councils, find Resources for self-sustaining communities and move into action on projects to protect targeted groups against threats under a Trump Administration. In the second half of the event groups will be tabling and looking to recruit volunteers and activists, short term or long term. Now’s the time to find an outlet for your time and energy! This is an event for people who are ready to Organize. Please come if you are serious about getting involved further and taking initiative. Event website here.
TUE DEC 13, 6.30 PM
Social Justice Fund Info Session
Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale, 1111 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122. Interested in joining a Giving Project?  Want to know more about SJF's model of grassroots philanthropy?  Our info sessions are for anyone interested in getting involved with Social Justice Fund. Learn about our 2017 Giving Projects and meet new people who are excited about supporting progressive social change work in our region! One of the best ways to support SJF and our grantees’ work is through joining a Giving Project – they’re the backbone of our model.  Through a communal process of education, fundraising, and grantmaking, our Giving Projects allow community members to amplify and support the organizations doing critical organizing work in the Northwest. The info session will feature SJF staff and former giving project members discussing their experience, further outline the Giving Project model, and discuss the systemic and political climate surrounding environmental justice, the topic that our first Giving Project of 2017 will tackle. Light snacks will be provided – please RSVP to help us ensure we bring enough for everyone. Free, RSVP here.


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