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January E-News:
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1/16: March with CAGJ on MLK Day
1/20: Protest Inauguration with CAGJ
1/23: Organize with CAGJ at FJP Meeting
CAGJ partners with UW Food Justice Course
Blogs, Reports & Photos: CAGJ/AGRA Watch in Mexico
Fast Food CEO?
GMO Studies have Conflicts of Interest
Agroecology at Crossroads
Local events


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Happy New Year
We are kicking off 2017 with strong community support!

Thank you for your generous end-of-year donations to CAGJ! We raised close to $6000, far exceeding our $3,750 goal! That includes $900 toward our Mexico trip and $500 from our annual Fair Trade for the Holidays Fundraiser, which also supports local and Fair Trade artists and farmers. We're thrilled to also have 5 new Sustaining Members, people who support our organizing through a monthly contribution.

It’s not too late to sustain our organizing and build strong resistance:

We have a big year ahead of us. Despite a more challenging environment for organizing, people are motivated and ignited to take action, and CAGJ will keep building leadership for the struggles ahead! CAGJ is dedicated to continuing the local and global fight for food sovereignty, while making every effort to unite across movements to build a strong front to demand justice.


Join CAGJ in the Streets in 2017!
Look for CAGJ’s banner at these two events this month! See the full announcements in Community Calendar below.
MON JAN 16, 12:30pm, Garfield High School
FRI JAN 20, 5-8pm, Westlake
Protest the Inauguration with CAGJ: Resist Trump: Occupy Inauguration - Seattle!
MON JAN 23, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Monthly Food Justice Project Meeting
New volunteer orientation at 6pm! Please RSVP.
CAGJ stands with Northwest Tribes to protest GE salmon. Come to our meeting to hear an update on local efforts to stop GE salmon, and to help plan our March 11 Seafood Throwdown - a wild salmon cook-out, organized in partnership with Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project, and taking place at UW’s Intellectual House. We will also consider new ideas for 2017 Food Justice Solidarity Campaigns! Meetings are held at CAGJ’s Office in the ID, 606 Maynard Ave. S. Rm 102, Seattle. All are welcome! For more info, email Food Justice Project Co-Chair, Ross.
CAGJ Partners with UW Food Justice Course
CAGJ is excited to partner with Professor Shannon Tyman to bring our Educate for Action workshop to her Food Justice course at UW Bothell this quarter! Shannon organized CAGJ’s 2012 SLEE dinner, and is a longtime activist in Seattle’s food justice scene. The goal is for the students to learn how to present the Food Justice Project’s Educate for Action workshop. We are engaging the students in developing new material on the intersections of food (in)justice and climate change. We will educate students on facilitating the workshop, and then offer constructive feedback during the quarter as students give their own workshops and presentations in the community. We are excited to support this education and leadership development opportunity!
Blogs, Reports & Photos: CAGJ/AGRA Watch at UN Conference on Biodiversity in Mexico
In December, staff and members of CAGJ and AGRA Watch traveled to Mexico to present in a conference in Mexico City on the current state of genetic engineering, participate in the UN Conference on Biodiversity in Cancun, and organize a side event with our African and European partners on the Gates Foundation and philanthrocapitalism. The UN Conference on Biodiversity included meetings and negotiations of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the Cartagena Protocol, and the Nagoya Protocol. We put together a resource page of our blogs, materials, and photos as well as useful information from our partners and ally organizations during the CBD meetings. Please explore this page to learn more (beyond what is listed below), and stay tuned for further reflections on our experience and what’s next for us in this work.
Our blogs:
Our photo albums:
Other publications featuring AGRA Watch and CAGJ:


Fast Food CEO at the Department of Labor?! Give Senator Murray your questions!
Working Washington has organized an online form for citizens to share their questions and concerns about Donald Trump’s nomination of fast food CEO Andy Puzder as Secretary of Labor. Puzder’s fast food chain has a record of wage theft violations, wants to replace people with robots, and has outspokenly opposed the minimum wage. Washington Senator Patty Murray is a top member of the committee which will hold Puzder's confirmation hearings. She will have the chance to ask him questions face to face, while he is under oath and before the public. Fill out Working Washington’s survey of questions for Senator Patty Murray to ask at Puzder’s confirmation hearing – and share your own questions for Secretary of Labor Nominee fast food CEO Andy Puzder.


Many GMO Studies Have Financial Conflicts of Interest - New Research
A recent article on Sustainable Pulse reported on the French research study that revealed 40% of published research articles on GMO crops have financial conflicts of interest with biotech or seed companies (through affiliation or funding). Among this, over half were favorable to GMOs. "There is a statistical link between the presence of conflicts of interest and a study that comes to a favorable conclusion for GMO crops." Read the full article.
Agroecology at a Crossroads
Coming out of the 2007 International Forum on Food Sovereignty in Nyéléni, Mali, the Nyéléni Newsletter reports on the political happenings and analysis in the global grassroots food sovereignty movement. The most recent newsletter features an important piece on agroecology at a crossroads – between institutionalization and social movements. “Agroecology is in fashion. From being ignored, underappreciated and excluded by the institutions that govern agriculture internationally, it has become recognised as one of the key alternatives to confront the serious crises caused by the green revolution. This is unprecedented, and leaves agroecology facing a serious dilemma: give in to cooptation and message capture, or take the political opportunity to advance agroecology as a tool for transforming the current hegemonic, agroextractivist model. While international institutions are not monolithic and internal debates exist, the situation can be seen as a struggle between two competing camps. The first is made up of official government institutions, international agencies and the private sector, and the other is composed of various social movements, who defend agroecology as the only viable option to radically transform the prevailing agriculture and food system.” Read the full newsletter.


TODAY - THURS Jan 5, 3 – 6pm
#DeFundDAPL: Day of Action -, CARW & others
Protest the Dakota Access Pipeline! Whether you have a Wells Fargo account or not, join us on January 5th for this family friendly day of action: It's time to let the banks know that as long as they support the DAPL they will not be receiving our money! Location: 915 2nd Ave - Plaza of the Federal Building on 2nd Ave, directly across the street from the Wells Fargo Center. 3-4PM: Dozens of Wells Fargo customers will close their accounts at the Wells Fargo Center, while there will be #DeFundDAPL street theater, art, music, hot coffee and snacks served in the plaza of the federal building. 4-5:30PM: Speaker and Performance Program; including, drumming and songs led by Matt Remle of the Standing Rock Sioux and others.  5:30-6PM: Hundreds of us will encircle the Wells Fargo Center and be led on a traditional Native American round-dance around the building, as we demand that they #DeFundDAPL!  Please dress warmly, feel free to bring your own signs, and enjoy this family-friendly event! More info on Facebook.
SAT Jan 7, 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Join NWDC Resistance and the CARW Migrant Justice Solidarity Group outside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. We will be holding our 1st Saturday Solidarity Day to show our support for families visiting their loved ones in detention and our resistance to the oppressive immigration prison system. Carpool leaving from Seattle around 1pm and will return around 5pm. If you'd like to inquire about open spaces in a carpool (Seattle or otherwise), leave a comment below. Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Tacoma will be providing food and drinks to families visiting loved ones in the detention center. This hospitality selection is intended for visiting families only. Please bring your own personal food and hot beverages if you think you'll need them. Warm clothing and rain gear recommended.
THURS Jan 12, 7-8:30PM; Doors open at 5:30pm
Angela Davis at Town Hall Seattle: City of Seattle MLK Unity Day
Mayor Ed Murray, Council President Bruce A. Harrell and members of the Seattle City Council, city departments, along with community leaders, city employees, and the public welcome keynote speaker Angela Davis to join us as we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy. This year’s event will be an opportunity to live out his vision, by participating in the City of Seattle’s third annual Martin Luther King Unity Day celebration at Town Hall Seattle. Free and Open to public. More info.

MON Jan 16: MLK Day - Stop the Hate! Come Together!
Workshops 9:30am, Rally 11am, March with CAGJ 12:30pm
Join CAGJ at one of the largest MLK Day celebrations in the country - look for our banner! FREE Event. Workshops, Rally and March departure from Garfield High School, 23rd Ave E and E Jefferson Street in the Central District. See list of 26 workshops, including “Behind the Kitchen Door: Racial Segregation in Seattle's Restaurant Industry: What it looks like and what you can do about it”,  “Following the Money: the Power of Investment/Divestment in Undoing Systemic Racism”, “Dreams Deported:  Immigrant Youth and Families Resist Deportation” and Black Lives Matter, #1 and #2. See Rally performers and speakers. More info: MLK Celebration Committee, and Facebook event.
MON Jan 16, 10am-1pm
Elk Run Farm Day of Action
Is giving back part of your New Years Resolution? Join us at Elk Run Farm as we work in our Children's Garden to prepare for Spring. Tasks will include cleaning up blackberry bushes, pulling out weeds, building raised beds, and more. As a nonprofit food bank farm, all of the produce grown at Elk Run will be donated to members of the community facing food insecurity. Sign up here to volunteer and join the event on Facebook.
FRI JAN 20, 5-8pm: Protest with CAGJ - Look for our banner!
Join CAGJ at the Inauguration Day protest at Westlake organized by Social Alternative, the party of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant. We are excited to join in the largest inauguration day protests since the sixties!  We have to fight back against the Trump administration with all we’ve got, and continue to help building mass movements for social and economic justice. Let’s build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia!  No Border Wall! Stop the deportations of undocumented immigrants! Tax rich millionaires like Trump! Fund healthcare for all! Make college free! Black Lives Matter! End rape culture -- #PussyGrabsBack! Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline -- Green Jobs now!
WED Feb 15, 7:30 – 9PM at Town Hall Seattle
This event will be a conversation with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin. Tickets include an option to purchase a discounted copy of their new book. Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, told through the alternating narratives of his parents, will be published to coincide with what would have been Trayvon’s 22nd birthday on February 5th and in advance of the five-year anniversary of his tragic death, on February 26th.  The book will be the first time that Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin offer the true inside story of their son’s life and struggles, his tragic death, and the transformative movement for justice and healing that grew from that tragedy, a movement that is still building around the country. Tickets for purchase here.

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