WA Fair Trade Coalition presents WTO+20

SAT DEC 7: 10AM Rally, 3:30PM Workshops, 7PM Keynote

In 1999, more than 50,000 of us marched in Seattle against corporate-centric globalization spearheaded by the World Trade Organization (WTO). We demanded a more just economy, that puts people before profits – and we caught the imagination of people around the world. Twenty years later, the struggle continues for genuinely fair trade that puts people and the planet first.  Join us Dec 7!

10 AM Rally at Occidental Park: Speakers, street theater, music, and a short march to the Federal Building.


3:30-6 PM Workshops at Town Hall Seattle: See full description & pre-register

Session 1:

Environment: 350 Seattle

Labor: Stay tuned!

Public Health: Health Alliance International & People’s Health Movement

Immigration: Stay tuned!

Session 2:

Indigenous Sovereignty and Extractive Industries: John Sirous of the Colville Tribes

People Powered Trade Movements Since 1999: Oregon Fair Trade Campaign

Food Sovereignty: Karen Hansen-Kuh with Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy & CAGJ

WTO Tech, Data, E-Commerce Expansion: Deborah James of Our World is Not For Sale

Trade and Militarism: Stay tuned!


7 PM Keynote with Joseph Stiglitz and Action Orientation with Lori Wallach: Register today!

Lori Wallach is Director and Founder of Global Trade Watch, a division of Public Citizen. Joseph Stiglitz is a Nobel laureate in economics, Professor at Columbia University, and chief economist of the Roosevelt Institute. His latest book is Globalization and Its Discontents Revisited: Anti-Globalization in the Era of Trump. Stiglitz will describe a better way forward – an approach to globalization that balances interests of workers, communities, and the environment with business interests. General admission for the keynote is $20. A limited number of free tickets are available first-come-first-serve: Register for FREE & $20 tickets. Contact Hillary for more information: