Member Testimonials

JohnFL“I am so proud to be a supporter and a volunteer with CAGJ. This organization came out of the work we did regarding the WTO in 1999. We have a global food system, and CAGJ addresses those global issues by working for strong local food economies for everyone. It’s a great organization. I love the people involved and encourage you to become a monthly supporter like I am.”-John Fawcett-Long



MERI am a member because CAGJ provides hope! I believe in alternatives to our current broken food system and CAGJ offers solidarity and solutions to get us there. You should become a member to support organizations like CAGJ that are truly member-driven, as opposed to those who compromise their core values to satisfy every whim of a funder. Maria Elena Rodriguez



“As a young activist, CAGJ invested in me as a leader, giving me the courage to take great risks Chelsea Ein the name of social justice. As a poor graduate student, I continue to be a sustainer-member because I wouldn’t be in grad school, pursuing my dreams if it wasn’t for CAGJ’s affirmation that I can be an agent of change. When you become a member of CAGJ, you’re joining the food movement. You’re helping build power that demands that all people have a right to a democratic food system. You’re fighting cynicism with hope.”.” -Chelsea Eickert



Righis“We think CAGJ’s global perspective is important and we like to hang out with young people as we work for justice both locally and globally. We need the ideas and voices of creative and concerned people to strengthen the work for a more equal and just world.”–  Bobby and Michael Righi




“I believe that development and innovation needs to bring benefit to EVERYONE, and be implemented by EVERYONE, not just giant organizations, and it has to be good for the planet, too! CAGJ never stops fearlessly asking the hard questions about trade, agriculture, and human rights and keeping us informed about what our government and other institutions are doing (or trying to do) around the world in our name. SUCH great and varied work over the last 15 years! Support a truly grassroots organization that is creating connections with other grassroots organizations around the world to make our world more just and healthy for ALL the people who live in it. Let’s support CAGJ to keep working for another 15 years! “- Debra Morrison


teresamares“I believe in the power of grassroots organizations in challenging corporate power, unfair trade, and unjust food systems. CAGJ adds a much-needed voice and analysis to the global justice movement. CAGJ is truly member-driven and has done amazing work in building networks of solidarity both in Seattle and across the world.” –Teresa Mares


ChrisIberle“We need a new food economy locally and around the world that respects all people regardless of who they are and where they come from, with the ability to grow and eat good food that reflects their values. We have a “food system” that doesn’t even “feed” effectively for a vast majority of people, much less does it in a way that respects our earth. How messed up is that? Become part of a community of people working in solidarity with food movements everywhere to reclaim food democracy. Plus, it’s fun!” – Chris Iberle


Janetstecher“I’m a member of CAGJ because this organization walks the talk. Because leadership and membership practices its ideals. Because I learn something everytime I go to or read about an event. Because CAGJ is inclusive and are effective at both grassroots and worldwide organizing.” – Janet Stecher



“I am a member of CAGJ because I believe, with every fiber in my body in their mission. I am constantly awed and     inspired by the community of CAGJ members and their dedication and commitment to promoting social justice. They are a remarkable group of folks and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from them. Become a member of CAGJ so we can work together and collectively create the change we need to see in the world–Gandhi style! We can stand up in solidarity and fight for true democracy and social justice.” Saba Samadani