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CAGJ/AGRA Watch @ Town Hall with Tim Schwab + Save the Black Lives Memorial Garden!
What An Honor! SLEE 2023!
New AGRA Watch Report
11/8 Art for Activism
Save the Black Lives Memorial Garden
Green Revolution is a warning
Hijacking food policies to feed agribusiness
Culinary Worker Strike
Committee on World Food Security Convenes in Rome
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See below: Save the Black Lives Memorial Garden!

WED DEC 6th, 7-9PM
CAGJ/AGRA Watch & Town Hall Present
Author Tim Schwab: The Bill Gates Problem: Reckoning with the Myth of the Good Billionaire
Journalist Tim Schwab is no stranger to investigative journalism that scrutinizes power structures and questions how private interests intersect with public policy. In his new book, The Bill Gates Problem: Reckoning with the Myth of the Good Billionaire, Schwab explores the role of philanthropy in wielding political power and the potential lack of accountability associated with it. Schwab provides an in-depth analysis of Bill Gates’ philanthropic trajectory, tracing his evolution from a prominent figure in the tech industry to a globally admired individual. Drawing from years of investigation, Schwab highlights concerns related to undue influence on public policy, private markets, scientific research, and media narratives.

Respondents to Tim Schwab's book talk will include:

  • Ashley Fent, AGRA Watch researcher
  • Jesse Hagopian, public educator and leader of the movement to resist standardized testing;
  • Steve Gloyd, Director of the Global Health MPH Program in the UW's Department of Global Health;
  • Daniel Maingi, Kenyan scientist & farmer, visiting Seattle again for the first time in many years!

Produced with Community Alliance for Global Justice & AGRA Watch! Get your sliding-scale tickets and learn more from Town Hall Seattle.


What An Honor! SLEE 2023!

A warm and wide THANK YOU to everyone for being part of our 17th Annual Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere Dinner! Together, SLEE raised nearly $25k! Thank you for making CAGJ’s organizing possible and for being in community with us. If you were not able to join us, and want to donate, it’s not too late! You can help us reach our goal with a one-time or Monthly Sustainer gift: Donate now!

What a gift it was to hear from our keynote speaker Malik Yakini, who came all the way from Detroit! Watch and share his keynote, “Black Food Sovereignty: Local to Global”! Thank you to Ed Mays for recording, and to Prenz Sa-Ngoun for photographing the event. Check out more photos in CAGJ’s Facebook album.

Read New AGRA Watch Report!
“Corporate-Led Climate Adaptation: How the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and AGRA are enabling the digital capture of African Food Systems”
AGRA Watch has released a new report (15 pages) detailing the intersections between the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and AGRA on digital agriculture in Africa. Featuring extensive research by AGRA Watch intern Emma Pascal, the report shows how Gates is playing an outsized role in digitalizing farming and jeopardizing the knowledge, skills, and livelihoods of African farmers. Additional authos include AGRA Watch members Ashley Fent and Matt Canfield. Please read and share widely - Thank you!
WED Nov 8th, 2:30PM
Join Block Corporate Salmon to make Art for Activism!
Want to have some fun at the Seattle Marine Expo? Join us on November 8th at 2:30pm outside the Lumen Field entrance at 800 Occidental Ave. S. Don’t Cage Our Oceans, Block Corporate Salmon, and friends will be making art illustrating who is behind offshore fish farming. Offshore fish farms harm public health, the environment, and communities that rely on the ocean and its resources. Make Art! Have fun, join us! We will supply all the paint, brushes and designs - you can fill in the dots with your artistic flare. If you are interested in helping out, let Andrianna know ([email protected])!


Save the Black Lives Memorial Garden

The Black Lives Memorial Garden was founded during the 2020 protests against the police murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in Cal Anderson Park. Seattle Parks Department plans to destroy the garden for “turf renovation”. Follow Black Star Farmers (@blackstarfarmers)  for updates and more ways to support. Go to

The most important action that people with resources can take to uproot racism is to enact reparations, to quite literally give back what was stolen […] We are talking about true reparations, which have the following three characteristics:

  1. “Nothing about us, without us” – Dispossessed people get to define what reparations look like
  2. “No strings attached” – transfers of land and resources without oversight or conditionality
  3. “The whole pie” – give the land, money, and jobs away, even and especially when it entails personal and organizational sacrifice

Source: Soul Fire Farm Institute 2018: Food Sovereignty Action Steps


The Green Revolution is a warning, not a blueprint for feeding a hungry planet
October 4, 2023 - Glenn Davis Stone, The Conversation
Feeding a growing world population has been a serious concern for decades, but today there are new causes for alarm. Amid these challenges, some organizations are renewing calls for a second Green Revolution. But anyone concerned with food production should be careful what they wish for. In recent years, a wave of new analysis has spurred a critical rethinking of what Green Revolution-style farming really means for food supplies and self-sufficiency. Read more.
Hijacking food policies to feed agribusiness
October 26, 2023 - Tim Wise and Mutinta Nketani, IATP
Donors, governments and business leaders had another lacklustre African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) this year from 5 to 8 September in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. There was little fanfare, few major announcements and no hint of meaningful input from small-scale farmers, the supposed beneficiaries of the erstwhile Green Revolution for Africa. Tanzanian farmers’ request for a seat at the table, in the form of a more critical side event, was denied. Read more.
A Culinary Worker Strike Could Reshape the Nation’s Restaurants
October 30, 2023 - Christina Cooke, Civil Eats
Thousands of food and beverage workers are striking across the country and demanding higher wages and better protections. The outcome could have ripple effects across the U.S. Read more.
Committee on World Food Security Convenes in Rome
The 51st Plenary Session of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) took place October 24-27 in Rome, Italy. The CFS is a key space for democratic participation in public policy-making on food and nutrition at the global level. Representatives from Civil Society and People's Indigenous Mechanism (CSIPM) were included in key discussions, including NFFC members Patti Naylor and Tyler Short, and CSIPM hosted three side events focused on human rights, data governance, and reducing inequalities. Recordings for these side events will be made available soon on their website.
We are also excited to share CSIPM's NEW report and policy recommendations for food price volatility and social protections! This report CFS policy recommendations on food price volatility and social protections. The report references NFFC's demands for parity through the Disparity to Parity Project.


Sat Nov 11, 10-11:45 AM
350 Seattle Climate Grief & Empowerment Group
So many of us long to take effective action on social injustice and the climate crisis but become paralyzed with fear and grief in the face of the vast scope of these challenges. In these extraordinary times of planetary crisis—amidst COVID-19, racial and social injustice, and the echoes of fascism reverberating strongly in the U.S.—many people feel overwhelmed with grief, fear, numbness, and more.  Finding tools to face, feel, and transform can be relieving, empowering, and transformative. Coming together in community practice can offer strength and energy to make change and be truly present to our families, our communities, and our world. More info.
SUN Nov 12, 1-3 PM
Community Kitchen Meals: Indigenous Takeover with Jason Vickers, or Natoncks Mets
Along with a nutritious and delicious meal, we’ll be highlighting the Indigenous histories of the Seattle area and Eastern Massachusetts, where Chef Jason Vickers, of Natoncks Metsu, is native and the land of the first Thanksgiving. Daniella, Community Kitchen Meals project manager at Tilth Alliance, is also from Eastern Massachusetts with an Indigenous lineage from Mexico. Let’s learn together, share together and have some fun growing together! This will be the perfect event to attend if you’ve been interested in shaking up your Thanksgiving or if you simply want to enjoy a meal and community. The meal will highlight game meat ethically hunted by Indigenous community members, and vegetarian options will highlight locally grown autumn produce. We’ll be giving out a recipe booklet as always, and a Thanksgiving booklet. More info. 
SAT Nov 18, 1 PM
Screening and Directors Q&A of "Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution"
On the heels of Woodstock, a group of teen campers are inspired to join the fight for disability civil rights. This spirited look at grassroots activism is a Netflix documentary, executive produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Crip Camp won the Audience Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. More info.
FRI Dec 8, 7 PM
Patagonia Presents "Not Mars: Tools for Saving our Home Planet" 
Hosted by journalist Yessenia Funes, this event will inspire seasoned and newly curious activists with inspiring conversations from a diverse group of speakers, including community organizer Nikkita Oliver, author Bonnie Tsui, fossil fuel activist Jamie Henn, surfer and ocean advocate Greg Long, among others. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect directly with local grassroots groups that can provide a clear pathway to help protect local waters and build healthier communities. More info.

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