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Upcoming Webinar!
Report-back from "Disarming Gates"
SAT Oct 9 - SLEE!
Report-back: Field Trip to Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad
Webinar Recording: Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements & the Role of Solidarity
New Digital Zine
THURS 8/5 Farmworker Vigil in Olympia
GE Salmon Petition
Raj Patel on Democracy Now
New AGRA Report Offers Little Evidence to Justify Continued Donor Support
Op-Ed: Right past wrongs of racist 'urban renewal' and pay reparations to Seattle's Black community
BBC Podcast on the UN Food Systems Summit
Local & Online Events


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Upcoming Webinar: August 17-18-19 (Date TBD)
How the Gates Foundation Sponsors the Corporate Capture of Global Food Systems

A webinar co-hosted by Community Alliance for Global Justice and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa

Please register to receive the Zoom link and event updates.
Help publicize: Share the Facebook event and our post on Instagram @cagjseattle (coming soon!)

This webinar will bring attention to Bill Gates’ and the Gates Foundation’s roles in advancing industrial agriculture models in Africa and around the world. Though deeply flawed in many ways, this model of agricultural development is becoming dominant and edging out proven agro-ecological alternatives, particularly at the corporate-dominated UN Food Systems Summit in September.

Featuring speakers from a range of civil society groups, our webinar aims to raise public and media awareness about the powerful interests working to capture food systems, and chart a course for participants to take action for food sovereignty. 

Report-back from "Disarming Gates"
Participatory Theatre at the Gates Foundation
On July 16, AGRA Watch held a participatory theater event and protest to bring attention to the Gates Foundation’s control over global food systems and promotion of industrial agriculture, GMOs, and Intellectual Property Rights. You can watch a video of our interactive performance, “Disarming Gates,” on YouTube.

‚Äč‚ÄčThis event was organized as part of an international call to action in opposition to the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) in September and the pre-Summit dialogues in July. You can read more about civil society opposition to the UNFSS and its connections to AGRA and the Gates Foundation here.

Our video of the event was included as part of the international counter-mobilization and rally against the UNFSS pre-Summit--an exciting three days of decentralized artistic events, speeches, and actions in support of agroecology and food sovereignty around the world! Watch videos of the full rally (our submission appears at the 5:10:40 mark), roundtables, and dialogues here.


Join our 15th Annual SLEE Gala!
SAT Oct 9th, 6 - 7:30PM Pacific Time

Keynote: Raj Patel, "Is this What Democracy Looks Like? A Tale of Two Seattles"

CAGJ is celebrating its 20th year with this year’s keynote speaker, Raj Patel! A seasoned trade and food activist, academic, and author, Patel delivers ever-salient and inspiring perspectives on food systems transformation. From working for the WTO to protesting the WTO, to authoring award-winning books, to directing his new documentary The Ant and the Grasshopper, Patel disrupts the status quo so that we can all plant seeds for a just food revolution. Learn more about his work.

Report-back: Field Trip to Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad
Blog Post by Mikhaila Gonzales, Spark Northwest
In July, CAGJ’s Rise Up! Summer School hosted a field trip to the farm founded by members of Familias Unidas por la Justicia in Everson, WA.
“Sweating after a few moments in their greenhouse, Mia, Quest and I, together with members of Community Alliance for Global Justice, listened as Ramon Torres, founding member of Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad, and Edgar Franks, political director of Familias Unidas por la Justicia, described their experimental runs of nopales and dragonfruit.” Keep reading.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements & the Role of Solidarity
Watch the Rise Up! Summer School Webinar Recording
How is an Indigenous lens on Food Sovereignty unique, and what is the role of non-Natives to act in solidarity with Indigenous-led movements? Watch the recording on our Youtube channel.


  • Charlotte Coté, author of new book A Drum in one Hand, A Sockeye in the Other. Stories of Indigenous Food Sovereignty from the Northwest Coast
  • Carl Wassilie, Native Fisherman from Yup’ik Nation in Western Alaska and part of Alaska’s Big Village Network and BlockCorporateSalmon.
  • Zoltán Grossman, author of Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands
Check Out CAGJ's New Digital Zine! Print Orders Coming Soon
Our Food, Our Right (3rd Edition): "Recipes for a New Normal"
Our new zine features art, stories and recipes from over 30 contributors. Comic strips, photography, block prints, mixed media, a song in three part harmony and instructions for creating a fortune teller. Illustrated stories and poems from Punjab, Puerto Rico and Indigenous Alaska. Storytelling through recipes for tea, cookies, truffles, soups, salmon, flor de calabaza and more. Check it out.


THURS Aug 5, 11:30AM - 1PM
Vigil to Demand Better Protections for Agricultural Workers & Honor Honesto Silva Ibarra

Labor & Industries Department
7273 Linderson Way SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

On Thursday August 5, 2021, Familias Unidas por la Justicia will be holding a vigil at Labor and Industries to protest the Temporary Emergency Rules for Working in Extreme Heat Conditions, which also includes farm labor. We also will be uplifting the anniversary of workers who went on strike in the summer of 2017 when they faced injustices at a blueberry farm in Whatcom County. That summer, wildfires and smoke made working in the fields dangerous, but these workers spoke out for justice. We honor the memory of Honesto Silva Ibarra who tragically passed away. Read the full announcement from Edgar Franks.

Tell restaurants to pledge to never serve GMO salmon!
Sign the Center for Food Safety Petition
The biotech company AquaBounty Technologies is harvesting the first GMO salmon right now. It's shocking because just last year a court found FDA's first-ever approval of this GMO salmon to be illegal because it violated core environmental laws. But until FDA makes a new decision, GMO salmon could still be coming (unlabeled!) to your plate in a restaurant, especially if that restaurant buys seafood from Samuels and Son Seafood, which just announced purchasing this GMO salmon. Tell restaurants to protect wild salmon, public health, and the environment by pledging never to serve GMO salmon!


"Inflamed": Dr. Rupa Marya & Raj Patel on Deep Medicine & How Capitalism Primes Us for Sickness
2021 SLEE Keynote Featured on Democracy Now!
"One of the ways that the modern food system operates is through a sort of legacy of separating humans from the rest of the web of life. Now what that means is that humans feel, under capitalism and particularly under capitalist colonialism, to be free to exploit the world around us. We feel free to be able to do that because the rest of the web of life is just worth less than our profit motive.” Watch the segment.
New AGRA Report Offers Little Evidence to Justify Continued Donor Support
By Timothy A. Wise, Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has been under fire over the last year after our research revealed that the billion-dollar agency had made little progress toward its stated goals of doubling yields and incomes for 30 million small-scale farming households while halving food insecurity. Since the publication of that research in July 2020, as an academic working paper and a related report, False Promises, AGRA has failed to provide evidence to refute our findings, withholding outcome monitoring reports after requests by African organizations. Keep reading.
Op-Ed: Right past wrongs of racist 'urban renewal' and pay reparations to Seattle's Black community
By Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffery Sr in the Seattle Times
The Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey Sr is the pastor at New Hope Baptist Missionary Church in the Central District, as well as the founder of Black Dollar Days Task Force and Clean Greens Farm & Market. CAGJ has collaborated with Rev Jeffrey and Clean Greens over the years, and appreciates this call for action on land reparations from the City of Seattle, written with his usual poetry and deep knowledge of local history.
"The Central Area, once a neighborhood full of Black community activity and amenities, Black-owned commerce, and Black homeownership, was defined by SURE in its 1961 Yesler Atlantic Report as home to “the colored, the poor, the ignorant, the unfortunate, the undesirable, the weak.”...Some might say that gentrification and displacement are a dispassionate affair from an invisible hand of the market. But Scripture teaches us otherwise; that it is the powerful that turn us into refugees and strangers in our own land. There is nothing invisible about the hand of institutionalized racism, and the specific policies and decisions by those in local government that dispossessed us of our land." Keep reading.
BBC Podcast: The Food Programme | The Great Food Reset? (28 min)
Featuring Timothy A. Wise and AGRA Watch Member Matt Canfield
Dan Saladino finds out why a UN summit to transform the global food system has become so controversial. It has generated 2500 ideas for change but also a boycott by protesters. Listen to the podcast.


FRI August 6, 1pm PDT
Soul Fire Farm: Ask A Sista Farmer, feat. Karen Washington
Via Instagram Live @SoulFireFarm
Karen Washington of Rise & Root Farm and Black Urban Growers (BUGS) will speak to lessons learned over 30 years of farming, the transition from urban to rural growing, and advice for the next generation of Black and Brown farmers.
“Ask a Sista Farmer,” is a free online show to support people who want to grow their own food and medicine for self-reliance and community resilience.
TUES August 24 - September
Agents of Change: Direct Action Training Series, Hosted by 350 Seattle and Sunrise Seattle
Agents of Change is a training series and community-building opportunity that will teach you how to plan safe and successful direct actions and organize with others for the long term. The series kicks off with a social event on August 2nd, where we’ll hear stories from people who participated in some powerful direct actions. Starting in late August, we’ll hold three interactive webinars: we’ll start with a history of direct actions in movements and then explore direct action strategy and how actions fit into a movement theory of change. In webinar 3 and the hands-on Action Lab, we’ll teach key direct action skills, including different action roles, security culture, de-escalation, and art builds. We will close out the series by doing an action (target TBD!) where we’ll put it all together. Register here.
THURS September 16, 12pm Pacific Time
Real Change 27th Anniversary Event: "This is my real job."
Please save the date of Thursday, September 16th at 12PM for our virtual anniversary event! Each day the week of September 13th we'll share videos from community members making an impact including the Volunteers of the Year, Change Agent, and Editorial Excellence award winners. Please like and follow @realchangenews on social media for updated info. Register here.

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