Tell Costco: Don’t Sell GE Salmon!

In partnership with Friends of the Earth and many others, we are demanding that Costco, headquartered in Issaquah, WA, commit to keeping genetically engineered (GE) salmon off their shelves.

The FDA is currently in the final stages of approving the AquaAdvantage Salmon, which combines DNA from multiple fish species. The resulting concoction poses significant health and environmental risks. As the first of at least 35 species of engineered fish in development, the AquaAdvantage Salmon is likely to open a floodgate of modified meat into the marketplace.

Over 9,000 grocery stores have codified their commitment not to sell GE fish by signing Friends of the Earth’s Pledge for GE Free Seafood. As the nation’s second largest retailer, Costco is one of the most notable holdout. By ensuring that the world’s largest retailers say no to GMO salmon, we can send a strong message that there is no market for it.

Tell Costco to join its competitors and just say no to GMO salmon! Sign the petition below and click here for more information.

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