Fund for CAGJ’s Future

Join our Fund for the Future champions to sustain CAGJ for the next 10 years! Our campaign goal: $100,000

CAGJ is proud to have survived 10 years as a grassroots, volunteer run organization carrying on the powerful legacy of the WTO protests.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2011, CAGJ launched the Fund for the Future Fundraising Campaign, with the goal of raising $100,000 by the summer of 2012.  Thanks to two Fund for the Future Champions, Judy Pigott and Allan Paulson, who each gave $10,000 to kick off this fundraising campaign, plus other donors, we raised $25,000 early in the campaign, and as of February 2012, have raised $40,000 – we are over a third of the way to our goal!

How YOU can help us reach our $100,000 goal!

Become a Monthly Sustainer!  Monthly Sustainers agree to an automatic deduction from their credit union/bank account each month, securely managed online by Network for Good.  To reach our goal, we are seeking:

5 new $100 Sustainers – 10 new $50 Sustainers – 20 new $25 Sustainers – 50 new $15 Sustainers.  One time donations are also welcomed!

How to Donate quickly, easily and securely: Click on the orange “Donate Now” button to left!

“I support CAGJ because I believe that everyone must have a safe place to sleep every night, a reason to wake up each morning, and a healthy earth on which to wake up. CAGJ works collaboratively to see that these happen: safety through food to eat, hope for the future based on just principles applied throughout the world, and collaborative work for a healthy planet. Please join us by donating to an organization that, together with others, can make needed policy changes happen!”
Judy Pigott: $10,000
“I support CAGJ as a monthly sustainer because I stand behind their commitment to organizing at the grassroots level to connect local and global justice.”
Teresa Mares:
$25 Monthly Sustainer
“Nothing is more essential than food for health, learning, and the creation of economic and gender equity. CAGJ has earned our trust and admiration through its determined, effective organizing for a just and sustainable food system. We need to ensure that CAGJ has the resources to continue to grow and amplify our voices to support food justice movements around the world.”
Allan & Jane Paulson: $10,000

Why CAGJ Needs Your Support

These are the goals of the Fund for the Future Giving Campaign:

  1. Increase internal capacity and leadership by:
    • Increasing Director salary to full-time
    • Hiring a part-time administrative coordinator
    • Hiring a part-time AGRA Watch conference and campaign coordinator
  2. Mobilize, manage, and build our membership through a new database that will increase involvement in events, online actions and fundraisers
  3. Ensure financial sustainability by creating an annual reserve fund of $30,000 to seed future projects

What You Are Investing In

CAGJ has set the following 3-year outcomes for the Fund for the Future Giving Campaign:

The AGRA Watch campaign will alter the course of international philanthropy by influencing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other private and governmental funders to invest millions of dollars in sustainable agricultural development in Africa.

Increased staff capacity and online data management system will increase grassroots fundraising and organizing leading to a 40% increase in CAGJ’s annual budget by 2014 and a 20% increase in active members.

CAGJ Highlights: 2001–2011

2001 CAGJ Founded
2002 Sing-in at Cantwell’s Office wins long sought after meeting with Senator
2003 Race to the Bottom Action in Solidarity with Miami FTAA protests
2004 Costco Shareholder Actions
2005 Earth to Inslee CAFTA Campaign contributes to major victory of WA’s Democrats voting against CAFTA
2006 CAGJ members vote to focus organizing on food issues
2007 1st Annual Strengthening Local Economies, Everywhere! Dinner
2008 Launch of Food Justice Project & AGRA Watch Campaign & Confronting the Food Crisis Teach-In: Cultivating Just Alternatives to the Corporate Food System
2009 Published “Our Food, Our Right” & People’s Summit to Mark 10 Years since WTO Protests
2010 Founded NW Farm Bill Action Group, AGRA Watch gets major press coverage, Food Justice Project expands!